I am a podcaster, course creator and future therapist. 

I spend my days creating content that others can learn from, grow with and express themselves through. 

I also strive to connect like-minded women who are seeking real conversations and laughs, locally in Rhode Island 🌊

"Whenever I listen to Meagan a smile comes to my face. She is funny inspiring & energizing all at the same time. I have followed Meagan for 6 months and she freely hands over wisdom every time."

Liz M

"On my first listen to episode one, I immediately felt connected to Meagan as I am going through a handful of things she spoke about. I love how candid she is about the good, bad and ugly. Totally resonates with the season of life I am in. I can't wait to change this season of challenges to a season of ME!  "

Isabel H
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faith based listens


videos and resources

  • a video for whatever you are currently facing
  • helps create diversity within your normal listening habits 
  • an ever growing list of resources to support you and your relationship with Jesus 
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breakfast club


breakfast for locals

  • meet other driven women living in Rhode Island
  • have soul filled conversations
  • an excuse to put on real pants and get out of the house
  • build connections on truth and not just what's pretty
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positive posting


lessons and trainings

  • coming soon, a course that helps parents guide their young creators on sharing their talents online.
  • learn how to support and have productive & positive conversations around social media and creating
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